Blue C Ecology

About Blue C Ecology

Blue-C Ecology is an independent environmental consultancy that offers reliable, high quality, expert marine ecological services. We have extensive experience working with government agencies, NGO’s, and other environmental consultancies, to provide a high level of expert scientific service in the marine environment. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients’ requirements and delivering high quality services.


Conservation ecology: Providing services that contribute to the protection of our valuable marine resources around the UK and beyond.


Major projects include developing and organising the Marine Monitoring programme for NRW’s suite of European Marine Sites (subtidal reefs) Across Wales; update of Marine Habitats Classification for JNCC and subsequent data analysis; contributing to site condition monitoring in England and Wales.


Principle ecologist, Kate Northen, began her career at JNCC, advisors to UK government on conservation issues. Her career naturally followed undertaking work for the nature conservation agencies of the UK: Natural England, Natural Resources Wales and Scottish Natural Heritage. 

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