Monitoring subtidal reefs within Welsh SACs

Developing innovative strategies in establishing a long-term monitoring programme for Natural Resources Wales to protect and monitor the suite of subtidal reef Special Areas of Conservation. Engaged in diving work  to select, set-up and subsequently monitor stations between 2004 to 2019.

Marine biotope analysis

Kate was one of the key authors of the 2004 Marine Habitat classification of Britain and Ireland, published by JNCC. She undertook data analysis to develop and redefine the littoral and infralittoral biotopes.

In 2017 JNCC commenced work on updating the shallow water section of the classification. Kate was contracted to provide expert review of the circalittoral rock biotopes. Following data analysis, incorporating new survey data, data clusters were matched to existing biotopes and used to identify potential new biotopes. See the report here.

Plymouth subtidal reef survey

2017-2019 marine monitoring survey of Plymouth Sound and Estuaries Special Area of Conservation. Supply of scientific diver, data analysis and report production.

News June 2020 – 2019 survey report just published.

Marine biological surveys

Wide-ranging experience of undertaking marine biological surveys from broad scale Phase I biotope mapping: extensive areas such as the Firth of Forth and the Severn Estuary; to detailed Phase II intertidal and subtidal surveys. In recent years, mostly concentrating effort on subtidal monitoring of European Marine Sites across England and Wales. All sites surveyed can be seen on the About Page

Image analysis of benthic species

2018 image analysis of NRW’s subtidal rock monitoring sites from one of the European Marine Site Special Areas of Conservation designated for subtidal reef communities. Identifying species, using cells counts from quadrats of infralittoral and circalittoral benthic rock communities. 

Overseas expeditions

Overseas projects have included:

Acting as the Scientific diver in Naval joint services expedition to sub-tropical Pitcairn Island, South Pacific; providing scientific training to services personel undertaking marine biological survey and monitoring tasks.

Darwin Initiative-funded scientific diving expedition off the west coast of Sri Lanka to determine the sustainability of the aquarium fisheries trade.